Golden Way Co. for securities trading was established as an Egyptian joint-stock company, subject to Act 159 of 1981 and Act 95 of 1992, with the purpose of stocks brokerage. The company started its activities by the end of 1995. As of this date, it achieved a prominent progress in the stock market. This could not be achieved without the inclusion of highly efficient and experienced managerial professionals; who have a clear and comprehensive strategic vision and a high capability to predict events and precisely analyze the available information and the surrounding changes. These skills enabled the company's administration to correctly plan and develop policies that were sufficient to help coordinating workflow among the various departments in a perfect way, thus maintaining performance harmony and proficiency. In this regard, most recent administrative techniques, which are well-based theoretically and reality-oriented, were fully utilized under the slogan "No limit for development". This orientation is not restricted to the high-level administration only; however, proficiency, experience and skill to use and employ the analytical tools for gaining accurate information were the benchmark on which the selection of administrative and executive professionals are built. Through the complementary of the various departments, we became capable of reaching our main goal; that is fulfilling our clients' needs and bringing their present and future desires to life, thus enabling them take the rational investment decisions.